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YouTube is one of the most challenging platforms in social media and many businesses and brands have concerns about the platform. These concerns aren’t unfounded since online video is a fairly big commitment and can be a huge investment of time, money and labor.

The risk is worth it. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, only behind it’s parent company Google. Currently it is the dominant online video platform and receives more website traffic than Facebook, second again only to Google.

However, leveraging this platform requires more than just uploading well produced content and hoping for views and engagement that might lead to sales. The platform has a considerable amount of moving pieces behind it that can make it intimidating, even for seasoned marketers. YouTube even beyond the technical aspects has a different culture than other platforms, for one thing it is truly social and not just a distribution (push) platform. Users engage with content and are often very passionate and particular about what they view.

Should Your Business Be On YouTube? 
If you would put out a Television show locally or nationally around your brand (for free), then the answer is yes!

Concerns Businesses Have About YouTube

  • Frequency of Uploads
  • Success Metrics and Viewership
  • Conversion to Sales
  • Not Feeling Professional
  • Understanding What Content to Create

HOW to Successfully Brand on YouTube as a Business

  • Batch record specific videos, that solve pain points for existing or potential customers/clients
  • Setup tracking links for conversions regarding sales, focus on awareness of brand, and leverage YouTube to grow an email list
  • If you’re plan is to convert sales, videos that solve a problem and demonstrate a product or service work well, consider also using influencer marketing
  • In many cases a professional tone is overrated when it comes to content, make videos with establishing a relationship in mind
  • Content creation is about satisfying the needs of a viewer/consumer first and your needs/Call to Action only if it is in alignment with what they want