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Create Awesome Media Mission

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On some level, every company is in the business of storytelling in addition to the services they provide or the products that they sell. Great brands are built on great stories that build the foundation of how people feel about and engage with what you provide.

Create Awesome Media is dedicated to the Creator Economy and working with Creators to build strong brands and businesses around their creativity. We also have a strong focus on helping educate Creators and Brands and help build standards and best practices around this industry.


Content Creators are the future in a world where content is as much a commodity as anything else. In order for Creators to maintain their independence and the freedom to create, they need a strong business that is diverse and makes them less beholden to the platforms. They also need to be in a position to work with the brands that best align with their audience and own values. Create Awesome Media helps Creators build an undeniable brand and expand their business development and income streams.


Create Awesome Media helps Creators with Business Development and Branding, as well as Advocating for Creators within the industry. We also partner with brands to help establish standards in influencer marketing and working with Content Creators across platforms and niches.

We want to help Creators become the leading professional class in the 21st Century Economy and build brands that are platform agnostic and give them creative freedom and a legacy that they have ownership of.

By helping Creators develop their own E-commerce Businesses, establish strong branding and positioning for partnering with other companies, we put creators in a position to focus on CREATING.