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Creative Content Strategy

Most content creators and digital teams focus on tactics, but what you need is high level strategies. Achieving your goals, whether it is growing your list or increase conversions or awareness, require you to tailor your content to an actionable experience. We will help you deliver that for your audience.

Video Optimization and Discovery

It’s no longer about “Video SEO” its about Optimization as a whole and Discovery. Machine Learning and Algorithms have changed the way content is distributed and it’s based on user behavior and goal mapping. We can help you position your content to win the war against the machines.

Media Account Management

Content Creation should be your priority. Sometimes, reviewing data, optimizing titles and tags, curating playlist and all of the 100+ task outside of making the content itself is overwhelming. Our team can help take that burden off your plate and yet focus on your strengths, while we eliminate your vulnerabilities.

Less than 500 Views

53% of Videos on YouTube Have Less Than 500 Views, 30% Have Less Than 100 views. Distribution and Reach Matter for Your Brand.

Of Traffic Will Be Video

According to Cisco by 2019 80% of All Consumer Internet Traffic Will Be Video. Are You Positioning Your Business and Brand for The Future?

0.33% Chance You'll Go Viral

Less than 0.33% of Videos on YouTube produce 1 Million Views. Going Viral Isn't a Practical Strategy for Success When It Comes to Online Video.

Result of 3 Years of Audience Growth

Our CEO Roberto Blake Directly Increased His Audience by 4500% from 5,000 to 230,000 in Just 3 Years. He Has Brought the Strategies, Data and Tactics Responsible for That Growth to Create Awesome Media.

The Present & Future Of Video Marketing + -

Every single major Social Media Platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn) has prioritized Video and Mobile experiences in as of 2017. This is not something your brand can ignore based on past success, if you want to win future market share. Create Awesome Media can help you develop content that is either native to these platforms or can be distributed in them to achieve your goals of awareness, lead generation and/or sales.

Video Marketing Strategy and Growth + -

Quality content, requires quality strategy if its going to make an impact. Our team can guide you through the process and position you to be competitive and have your voice heard in a world that will only get noisier.

  • On-site and Remote Staff Training
  • YouTube Branding Workshops
  • Influencer Marketing Strategies
  • Video Content Strategies
  • Video Advertising Campaigns
  • Channel Optimization Audits

Create Awesome Media was founded by Roberto Blake, a leading authority in YouTube Content Strategy and Video Marketing. We are a team of video creators who live and breath content creation day in an day out.

  • YouTube Launch Strategy
  • YouTube Dashboard Management
  • YouTube Thumbnail Design
  • YouTube Analytics Consulting
  • YouTube Video, Channel & Playlist Optimization
  • YouTube Content Production
  • YouTube Video Editing
  • YouTube Training & Workshops
  • YouTube Product Marketing
  • YouTube Advertising Campaigns

Our News

We’ve put together some information to help you navigate the video marketing and content marketing landscape!
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David Jamison Programmer
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Brandon Jones Web Designer
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Rachel Harrison Founder

We believe that online video content, helps create context and build an emotional connection with audiences.